Gyromaniac “is both disgusting and awesome.”

The Perspectiverse Engine “tracks motion in a fashion that yields seemingly impossible results... The effect... is pretty amazing.”

A revolution in immersive 3D gaming.



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- A new style of visceral, immersive motion-based controls intuitive even for non-gamers, but whose mastery will challenge the most sophisticated players.

- "Touchless" gameplay: Gyromaniac can be controlled completely through your movements, without ever having to touch the screen (save for menus).

  1. -Stereoscopic 3D mode with Red/Cyan 3D glasses.

- Four Time Trial levels: Intestinal Fortitude, Colonoscapade, Capillary Action, and Fallopian Rhapsody.

  1. -Multiplayer races in real-time spanning multiple devices over Bluetooth.

  2. -Each time you play a level, the terrain generated will be random and unique, allowing for infinite replayability.

  3. -[Coming Soon] Facebook posting of replay videos.

  4. -[Coming Soon] Augmented Reality mode will visibly put the game world in the real world, using the camera feed.

  5. -[Coming Soon] TV-Out for parties.

  6. -[Coming Soon] A continuous stream of themed level packs released on a regular basis for free and for purchase.

- The ultimate iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2 gaming experience, maximizing the Retina Display, Gyroscope, live video feeds, and advanced 3D graphics capabilities.

- Uses no third-party engines or code, but powered by the homegrown Perspectiverse Engine.

Use your iPad or iPhone like a movable window into a virtual three-dimensional world that coincides with the real world around you.  Stand up, look up and down, look around, and spin (in real life!) to swiftly navigate through a series of disgustingly-real endlessly-winding anatomy-inspired tracts.

Though Gyromaniac runs on devices that can fit in your pocket, it's more akin to a motion-controlled home gaming experience, like the Wii or Kinect.  This is by no means a casual mobile game (i.e., do not play the game in public, unless you don't mind looking awesome).